Michelle hits new goal – Walking Unassisted!

Michelle started riding at SIRE’s Spring site in March of 2015.  She was very excited about riding and quickly showed her natural abilities on a horse.  When Michelle first started riding with SIRE she was using a wheelchair most of the time to get around.  After about six months of riding Michelle was using her … Continued

Sophia – “Therapeutic riding is magical”

Sophia began riding with us in the Fall of 2016. Sophia had difficulty making eye contact when talking and staying focused.  At the time of her riding evaluation, her mother reported difficulty controlling her energy and emotions, as well as challenges controlling her hands which resulted in profound handwriting deficiencies.  At some point, Sophia’s mom … Continued

Super Volunteer Traci!

Traci Hockabout Traci Hockabout has been an integral part of our volunteer team since January 2011.  She heard about SIRE from a friend who was volunteering with us.  After learning about SIRE Traci decided that it sounded like something she would enjoy doing.  It also would allow her to spend time with horses, something she … Continued

SIRE Spotlight : PJ Murray

SIRE is thankful to be blessed with a fantastic staff. This month we would like to shine a light on an individual who brings happiness, experience, and patience to every lesson and meeting : PJ Murray. PJ is a very busy individual! She is the Hockley Site Manager and an Instructor. She is a grandmother … Continued

Brandi Johnston – SIRE’s Comeback Queen

Sitting on a set of wooden bleachers on a hot summer day, the smell of dirt and grass fill the air. Light music accompanies the whir of large ceiling fans that are secured to the arena. The hustle and bustle of horses being herded around the barn signify the end of a riding lesson. As … Continued

SIRE Inclusion and Diversity Statement

SIRE Inclusion and Diversity Statement Inclusion is valuing, appreciating, and effectively utilizing the talents of people with a diversity of dimensions including age, appearance, beliefs, education, ethnic origin, gender, ideas, job classifications, physical ability, political views, race, religion, sexual orientation and more. SIRE is committed to creating and sustaining an inclusive environment that values and … Continued

Celebrating 22 Years of riding at SIRE

James Giovanniello was born in Miami, FL on July 13, 1978 and moved to Texas in 1993. He lives with his father Joe in The Woodlands. His mother passed away in 2000, the same year that James graduated from The Woodlands High School. James attends Bridgewood Farms and participates in Ceramics, Horticulture, Job Training, Physical … Continued

Abby commits for Luke!

“that day I decided that I would have to terminate my six year long engagement with the band program in order to fulfill my commitment to Luke” When I first started working with SIRE in the spring of 2015, I had absolutely no experience working with people with disabilities, and I did not know what … Continued

Check out our HEB commercial

Our riders and volunteers came together to make a Commercial for HEB as part of a contest HEB was running. While we did not win, we love the commercial and wanted to share it with the world. As you can see we had fun! Click here to see the video.

Volunteer Spotlight – Tonya

Volunteer Spotlight – Tayna Newman Tanya previously volunteered at SIRE from 2008 to 2010 and then again in 2012 before moving away. She currently volunteers Thursday afternoons and we love her happy smile and gentle way with all of the horses. Tanya is married to husband Carlos, and has one fur-baby, Asher, their golden retriever. … Continued