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Darren Williams, DVM
Board President
Mayde Creek Animal Health Center

Cheryl Nelson
Board Vice President

Pat Roddy
Board Treasurer

Charlotte McIntyre
Board Secretary


Frank Brooks
Board Member
Brooks & Sparks Inc.
Westbelt Surveying, Inc

Carol Farnsworth
Board Member
SIRE Volunteer — Fort Bend

Ethan Hendrickson
Board Member
SIRE Volunteer — Spring
Aon | Talent, Rewards & Performance

Julia Ingram
Board Member
SIRE Volunteer — Fort Bend
Williams Corporation

K Leonard
Board Member
Saddle Up for SIRE Chair

Mary Elizabeth Wise Sand
Board Member

Terry Cody-Weir
Board Member
Dunbar Harder – Immigration Solutions


Christopher Boutros, DVM

Bill Collier, DVM

Johnny Mancuso

Keith O’Connor, MA, CCC-SLP

Mark Raisbeck

David Reznicek

SIRE Inclusion and Diversity Statement

Inclusion is valuing, appreciating and effectively utilizing the talents of people with a diversity of dimensions including age, appearance, beliefs, education, ethnic origin, gender, ideas, job classifications, physical ability, political views, race, religion, sexual orientation and more. SIRE is committed to creating and sustaining an inclusive environment that values and respects each individual, and that is welcoming, equitable and supportive of differences in the pursuit of common goals.
Toward that end, SIRE strives to hire employees without bias and attract, develop and retain employees, volunteers and clients who support our commitment.
SIRE believes the best boards are composed of individuals who bring a variety of skills, perspectives, backgrounds, resources and personalities to tackle the complex and strategic challenges of the organization. The variety of viewpoints that comes from different life experiences and cultures enhances the discussions and decisions of the board and adds a much-needed layer of accountability for their stakeholders.

Maximum of 4 riders.
Minimum age required 3 years old.

Provide scholarships for riders and equine care for SIRE horses.


Sign up to volunteer inside or outside the arena today.