Welcome to SIRE, where almost 300 clients are served in our weekly equine-assisted learning programs. For many people, therapeutic riding and our ground programs are an effective, less expensive, and fun alternative to traditional therapies; 88% percent of our clients report that SIRE has been the best activity of all the various therapies and activities they have tried. We are proud that 100 percent of SIRE riders report they benefited physically, emotionally/psychologically, or socially from therapeutic riding.

If you are interested in riding at SIRE, please complete the registration form below. Once the registration forms are received, you will be contacted to set up an appointment for your evaluation. Please review the list of Precautions and Contraindications on the registration form. If the client has one or more of these conditions, therapeutic riding may not be recommended. Please call Etta Harris-Vincent at 281-356-7588 Ext 205. If you have any questions concerning these contraindications.

Finally, upon completion of the evaluation, you will be assigned a riding time or placed on a waiting list. The fee for an evaluation is $120 to be paid on the day of the evaluation. We will be able to place clients more quickly if they are flexible with time and location preferences.

Wendy’s Story

Equine-Assisted Programs

  • SENSORY STIMULATION – The movement of the horse provides sensory stimulation to the body and brain of the rider affecting a variety of muscle groups.

  • PHYSICAL IMPROVEMENTS – Improves muscle tone, balance, posture, coordination, motor development as well as sport, recreational and educational benefits.

  • EMOTIONAL IMPROVEMENTS – Builds self-esteem and confidence while developing feelings of self-reliance, control and accomplishment.



Who We Serve

  • 10 Counties Served

  • 3 Locations

  • 30 Horses

  • 302 Unduplicated Weekly Riders

  • 13,868 Volunteer Hours


Maximum of 4 riders.
Minimum age required 3 years old.


Provide scholarships for riders
and equine care for SIRE horses.


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