Participants in therapeutic riding programs show:

  • improved social functioning

  • improved language and communication skills

  • better emotional regulation, better behavior, increased motivation, higher confidence and self-esteem

  • better focus in the classroom

  • increased capacity to follow instructions

  • improved school attendance

  • reduced anxiety

  • generally improved mood

Interestingly, physical benefits such as improvements in body awareness, core strength, balance and integration of small and large motor skills development have also been shown to be important in helping boost a person’s reading skills.

SIRE provides riding sessions throughout the school year, including a summer session. For more information about the riding schedule, see the calendar.


We invite schools to bring their students to one of our locations throughout the school year. For many students, learning educational concepts such as math, science and language through hands-on experiences outside the classroom can create greater understanding.

Our programs for school groups are designed to increase comprehension as well as build confidence and motivation to learn through interaction with SIRE horses. Visits can be uniquely designed to meet the needs and interests of students.


Riding, grooming or just interacting with horses can help veterans of the military learn ways to overcome the struggles they may experience in dealing with everyday civilian life. Horses also help veterans heal from the emotional and physical scars of military service. Working with horses has many benefits:

  • Reduced anxiety
  • Increased confidence
  • Improved mindfulness
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Improved relationships

Maximum of 4 riders.
Minimum age required 3 years old.

Provide scholarships for riders and equine care for SIRE horses.


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