After many months of consultation with various SIRE stakeholders, the Board of Directors has adopted the following strategic initiatives to meet long term vision and mission to lead SIRE into the future. These initiatives are based on the overarching goal to meet the mission of SIRE in a sustainable environment that serves as many people as possible in the Greater Houston community. To achieve this goal, the Board of Directors identified three strategic intents to guarantee that people with special needs will continue to obtain the best therapeutic horsemanship activities possible.

  1. Financial Stability
  2. Program & Operational Excellence
  3. Adaptable, State-of-the-art Facilities

This plan is a work in progress that will be reviewed and revised at least annually by the Board of Directors to meet new challenges and a changing environment. If you have any questions, ideas, or can help us meet our strategic intents, please contact Joe Wappelhorst, Executive Director, or Liz Walzel, Board President.






Maximum of 4 riders.
Minimum age required 3 years old.


Provide scholarships for riders
and equine care for SIRE horses.


Sign up to volunteer inside or outside
the arena today.