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Greetings to all riders, families and friends!

Welcome to SIRE! We are glad you are part of the family.

Strengthened by customized horse therapy programs, SIRE riders achieve personal milestones every day at our facilities and in their daily activities away from the arena. While your instructor will be your main point of contact, please know that the staff and volunteers are here to help too. As a member of the SIRE family, we also encourage you to participate in special events and competitions throughout the year, including the Saddle Up for SIRE benefit trail ride, the All SIRE Horse Show, Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo’s Top Hands and Special Olympics. Details about these opportunities will be available at each site and through emails updates and newsletters, which you can subscribe to by clicking below.


Riding Attire

  • Long pants and hard-soled boots with a low heel. Since we use safety stirrups on all of the English and most of the western saddles, sneakers are permissible but not desirable.
  • Dress for comfort and according to the weather.
  • Undergarments that provide adequate support and comfort are necessary.
  • Wear close-fitting clothing for safety as well as comfort. Loose or baggy clothing can get caught and tangled in equipment
  • No dangling jewelry is permitted.
  • All riders are required to wear an ASTM/SEI approved Equestrian Helmet. If you don’t have your own helmet, SIRE will provide you with one. Should you choose to purchase your own, please ask your instructor about tack shops that sell approved riding helmets.
  • Sunscreen, gloves, and jacket, as needed.


Tuition payments must be up to date prior to each scheduled riding session. Riders will not be able to participate if fees have not been paid. For questions about your balance, please contact Kelly Henderson at 281-356-7588 or via email at kelly@sire-htec.org.

Inclement Weather Hotlines

Fort Bend – 281-344-4308

Hockley – 281-356-7588, Press 311

Spring – 281-356-7588, Press 312

Maximum of 4 riders.
Minimum age required 3 years old.

Provide scholarships for riders and equine care for SIRE horses.


Sign up to volunteer inside or outside the arena today.