Dear friend of SIRE,

This is an important update on SIRE and the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

First a reminder that SIRE is closed all of next week for Spring break.

Since the initial news of the Coronavirus, SIRE management has been closely monitoring events and news to be prepared. In order to maintain the health and safety of everyone who visits SIRE we are formulating policies and procedures to go into effect after Spring Break.

Click here for an update from the Memorial Hermann Hospital Health System. We ask that all visitors to SIRE (staff, riders, volunteers and family members) follow the guidelines in the update.

Currently, the supply chain of sanitizing supplies is limited. SIRE will do it’s best to maintain an adequate supply. Please bring hand sanitizer for your personal use. If anyone has access to gallon sized containers please contact someone on the SIRE staff to help us replenish supplies.

With the closing of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and other public events. SIRE is taking time to access the health risks and will formulate policies and procedures to limit the risk of infection during future scheduled riding lessons and classes. These will be sent out next week prior to resumption of operations.

Your health and safety is our primary objective. If you have any questions or concerns please contact your site manager or you can email me at, I look forward to bringing you more news next week as this continues to evolve.

Sincerely yours,

Joe Wappelhorst
Executive Director