Teena has volunteered with us since October 2014. She is a big part of our SIRE family; always willing to fill in where needed and help out with anything we ask. As you will read below, Teena was a special needs teacher for many years. We actually did not know this, but it definitely shows in the way she connects with the riders. Inside that tiny little frame is a very BIG heart. We appreciate you Teena and look forward to you being with our SIRE Hockley family for many years!

NAME: Justine (but always have been called Teena)

BIRTHPLACE/WHERE YOU GREW UP: In the small coastal town of Pascagoula, MS.

FAMILY: Widowed since 2004 and 1 son, Troy, who lives here in Houston.

CAREER: I was a special needs teacher for 38 years.

HOBBIES: Travel, gardening, reading, church groups, and am just learning to crochet.

WHY SIRE: A friend of mine did a semester at SIRE for college certification in adaptive PE. She loved it! She suggested that since my husband had just died, I was about to retire, and I LOVED all animals, that SIRE might be a perfect fit for me. Since I live in Hockley I went and checked it out and needless to say, I was hooked.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT SIRE: There is not just one favorite thing about SIRE. I think it is the combination of many things. The joy on the faces of the children (volunteers, instructors and parents) when they meet their goals. The remarkable horses that seem to realize the importance of the job. The friendly and welcoming atmosphere that extends to anyone who enters the arena. I am so lucky to be involved with SIRE and hope to continue as long as I can (we share that hope!!)