Michelle started riding at SIRE’s Spring site in March of 2015.  She was very excited about riding and quickly showed her natural abilities on a horse.  When Michelle first started riding with SIRE she was using a wheelchair most of the time to get around.  After about six months of riding Michelle was using her three wheeled walker to get around.  Recently Michelle has started to walk unassisted.  Her riding has progressed as well.  She started out with a leader and two sidewalkers.  In the beginning her leader led her horse and her sidewalkers always did some kind of a hold.  Michelle’s riding improved to where we could tie up her horse’s lead rope at the walk.  Her sidewalkers stayed with her but didn’t do any hold unless she was trotting.  Michelle started out doing a crest mount and dismount but now does a croup mount and dismount with minimal assistance.

The first horse Michelle rode at the Spring site was Bud.  It was love at first sight for Michelle.  She always finished each ride with a peppermint for Bud.  He was the perfect horse for Michelle with his smaller size and smooth gaits.  Bud was always very patient with Michelle and was especially good about standing for her at the mounting ramp.

Recently Michelle decided she was ready to move up to a different horse.  She now rides Heir and is doing well with the challenge of a riding a new horse.

Michelle and her husband John live on a large piece of property in the country.  They have dogs, chickens and goats.  It wouldn’t be surprising if their menagerie one day includes a horse.