Super Volunteer Traci!

2017-09-18T15:25:38+00:00September 18th, 2017|

Traci Hockabout

Traci Hockabout has been an integral part of our volunteer team since January 2011.  She heard about SIRE from a friend who was volunteering with us.  After learning about SIRE Traci decided that it sounded like something she would enjoy doing.  It also would allow her to spend time with horses, something she did when she was growing up.  It didn’t take long for Traci to realize that she was doing something that she absolutely loved.  And although she enjoyed being around horses again it was the riders that had stolen her heart.  She has made many friends among the families of our riders and our other volunteers.  Traci volunteers on Tuesday mornings and just about any other time we ask her.  We’ve had Traci’s help at many of our special events with Saddle Up For SIRE being her favorite.

Traci is married to Dennis and has three sons, Tyler, Derek and Jesse.  All three of her sons have volunteered with SIRE at various times and events.  Several years ago Traci and her family moved to the country and now have horses, goats and chickens.  She now keeps the Spring site supplied with fresh eggs.