Meet our Lady’s Man … or is it Mare’s Gelding?

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Heir the horseHeir is a 17-year-old Quarter Horse gelding who joined the Spring herd in June of 2015.  He’s a Sorrel color with a white “Nike swoosh” shaped blaze on his face.  Heir stands 15.1 hands tall with a stocky build.  Heir is the first Western trained show horse SIRE has owned.  He has the small jog and easy lope that Western show judges like and he especially shows well in the Showmanship category. Heir can be counted on to go into the show arena and put on his “A” game every time.

Heir’s quirky personality and funny little ears have made him a favorite with the volunteers.  He is a real lady’s man so he shares a pasture with the mares and enjoys being in this group the best.  Heir is the slowest eater in the Spring herd and is usually in his feed stall finishing his meal long after all of the other horses have finished.  His winter coat is the longest and thickest of any of the horses at the Spring site and he is the last to shed.