Brandi Johnston – SIRE’s Comeback Queen

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Brandi JohnsonSitting on a set of wooden bleachers on a hot summer day, the smell of dirt and grass fill the air. Light music accompanies the whir of large ceiling fans that are secured to the arena. The hustle and bustle of horses being herded around the barn signify the end of a riding lesson. As a group of riders leaves the dirt filled arena and a young woman in a bright pink shirt smiles and waves. I wave back and she walks over to sit next to me.

The colorful shirt and black rimmed glasses showcase the outgoing personality of Brandi. After introducing myself, I ask how her lesson was.

“Oh it was wonderful! I love it here!”

Brandi is so excited to talk about the great strides she has made at SIRE. She is our comeback Queen. Brandi’s illness kept her from riding for several years, but once she was able Brandi was back in the saddle.

” I have been riding at SIRE for awhile. I rode here a few years ago but I had to stop for awhile as I got sick, but I am back now! While I have been at SIRE, I have learned so much! Right now I am focusing on trotting. I have come a long way so far!”

If you or someone you know is interested in riding with SIRE, take it from Brandi,

“SIRE is a great program to get in to. It strengthens your body. It helps you become more confident! The coaches are incredible!”

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If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or a rider at SIRE, please visit for more information!