Words From a Parent

skyler belt buckle
Because of SIRE, my daughter, Skyler actually has real friends, something to truly celebrate in a child with autism. She met her two best friends at SIRE.

Skyler is always more prone to doing her own thing, but these other young girls can force her to interact. Her friend, Emileigh, will tell Skyler, “I said hello, if you don’t answer you are being rude,” and Skyler will stop what she’s doing and say, “Hello Emileigh, how are you today?” I know it is a rote answer, but it is an answer so that is progress.

I just wanted you all to know what a difference you are making in so many lives and in so many ways. We see it in Skyler, her friends, the volunteers, and staff.

We are so grateful for all the connections made through SIRE both the parent-to-parent connections which show us more ways to help the girls, and the student-to-student and student-to-volunteer connections that have been forged.