The Hockley castle and sensory course received a much needed facelift from Hockley volunteer, Sydney Shultz. Sydney chose SIRE for her senior Creative Action Service Project.

The CAS project and experiences are an important part of the IB Diploma. It is designed to help students learn through life experiences outside the classroom. For the past year, Sydney has been writing reflections about her experiences at SIRE for part of her CAS project. Another aspect of her CAS project must focus on the “Creativity Strand” which includes exploring and extending an idea that leads to an original creative project.

Sydney collaborated with Site Manager, P.J. Murray, to come up with project that allowed her to be creative while benefitting the program and the riders.
Sydney’s project included adding a multitude of new elements to the existing sensory course including, giant wind chimes, animal cutouts with matching rings, horizontal noodle “horse wash” and stained and adorned the castle with brightly colored flowers and medieval SIRE shields.

Hockley’s Sensory Trail includes elements specifically designed to address various senses and motor planning skills and provides an array of therapeutic riding activity opportunities. The goal of the sensory trail is to improve motor planning, critical thinking, fine and gross motor skills, communication and sensory processing. It teaches the rider appropriate responses to all sensations in an active and fun way so the individual is able to translate these responses in a more functional manner throughout their everyday life.

SIRE riders are so excited to experience the new elements!

“I just wanted to do something that will add value to SIRE and the riders – or at least brighten their day!” said Sydney.