Statistics Affirm Life-Changing Results 

Each new day at SIRE unveils another dimension of the powerful, healing connection between horse and human. We know this even without the analytics; however, we are elated when we see the numbers. Our riders and their families provide statistical proof that documents the success or our program and helps tell our story.

Our 2018-2019 rider survey results showed that 100 percent of the respondents experience physical, psychological and emotional, or social benefits in their daily lives away from SIRE. These tremendous results exceed or are on par with last year’s results in every category.

“Riding at SIRE is an activity that provides our son an opportunity to become more independent,” wrote one rider’s parent. “After riding, he is less fidgety and sleeps well that night. We have been so pleasantly surprised at how far he has come with his riding.  It gives us such hope that he will continue to become more independent.”

Building Stability and Stamina

In a tremendous result, 98 percent of our riders and families report physical improvements. Specifically, 93 percent experience improved balance, and 92 percent feel stronger, more coordinated or flexible. More than half reported their work at SIRE improves their walking or ability to better perform one or more of their daily living skills.

“It’s amazing to know that I possess the physical stability and stamina to encounter conditions that used to feel entirely daunting, like passing people in a grocery store—or worse—them passing me,” explained one rider. “It used to feel like I would be knocked over, and I would cling to the shelves. Now I feel stable enough to hold my own. While riding at SIRE, I have been able to reduce the muscle relaxant I take for tight muscles in my left leg. I no longer take it in the daytime, and I’m better.”

Happiness, Confidence and Self-control

Emotionally or psychologically, 97 percent of the riders benefit from their interactions with SIRE’s specially trained horse herd and the experience overall. Survey participants pinpointed how 97 percent are happier; 92 percent are more confident;  89 percent are more motivated; 85 percent are more relaxed and independent; and 80 percent feel decreased anxiety.

“My son’s anxiety is so much lower when riding, and he has learned self-control so much so that I have not had to bear-hold him in over a year,” wrote a parent. “There are so many ways that riding at SIRE has helped.”

Patience and Positive Interaction

Socially, 96 percent of our riders experience improvement. Specifically, 89 percent reported they follow instructions more accurately, 87 percent have improved positive behaviors with others, and 85 percent are more patient. About three quarters of the participants engage in improved relationships with their peers and have a reduction in negative behavior.

“Without question, our daughter’s willingness to talk increased since beginning work at SIRE, and this has been one of her highest priority goals,” wrote one parent. “I also think being in class with her brother has diminished rivalry, which was extreme and physical. It has been tempered.”

Other statistics that illustrate SIRE’s broad impact include:

  • 88 percent of the participants said SIRE has been the best activity of all the various therapies and activities they have tried.
  • 86 percent of the respondents said they experience increased attention span and improvement in focusing their abilities at school or at work. “Our daughter’s critical thinking, in particular sequencing, has benefited from learning trail patterns,” said another parent. “Her confidence has increased 200 percent.”

One seasoned rider’s mom summed up her son’s passion for training at SIRE: “Just being on the horse each week gives his body and his mind stimulation that brings healing.”