Every week about 300 riders come to SIRE for Therapeutic riding lessons that help build stronger bodies, minds, and spirits. Through hard-work, dedication, and partnering with our beautiful horses these riders make miracles happen. Some take first steps, some learn the emotional control needed to learn at school, some are healed from emotional trauma few can imagine. 

Your Donation or Pledge today will keep SIRE riders conquering new goals and enjoying a better life. Join the Houston Golf Association in supporting SIRE and maybe you could win FREE gas for a year.






Thank you to everyone who donated to help SIRE!

Thank you Houston Golf Association for you support!

The dealine for entries has passed.



Enjoy the Shell Houston Open

Charity Begins on the Golf Course at the Shell Houston Open

You can make SIRE a big winner by participating in the Birdies for Charity® competition. Donate or Pledge today and the Houston Golf Association will donate all proceeds back to SIRE!

It is expected that between 1,500-1,800 birdies will be made by the PGA TOUR Pros Monday through Sunday — March 27 – April 2, 2017 — during the tournament. Can you guess the exact number?

Winning Guess Receives
Free Gas for One Year!


• Simply pledge one (1¢) cent or more per birdie scored at the 2017 Shell Houston open

One (1) guess for each $0.01 pledged

1 penny = 1 guess
2 pennies = 2 guesses
5¢ a birdie = 5 guesses
$1.00 per birdie = 100 guesses AND 2 Guest Passes to the Shell Houston Open


• Make a One-Time Donation today in multiples of $20

$20 donation = 1 guess
$100 donation = 5 guesses
$1,000 donation = 100 guesses AND 2 guest passes to the Shell Houston Open


If you make a pledge per birdie you will be invoiced for your pledge amount due after the tournament. See contest rules on the attached brochure.

DEADLINE TO PLEDGE IS 5:00PM Monday, March 27